Established in 1989, Anheddau is a not for profit, charitable Organisation which empowers adults with support needs to live fulfilled lives in North West Wales. Anheddau has been at the forefront of Social Care for over 30 years.

It was established as a provider of support services to actively support people to maximise their potential in their communities and has consequently developed a wealth of experience over thirty years of working in this field.

Anheddau is committed to providing support of the highest standard.

  • Promote independence, wellbeing, choice and protect the rights of people

  • Enable people to acquire and improve their skills and quality of life

  • Work with other organisations that share Anheddau's philosophy in order to maximise positive outcomes for people

  • Commit to providing appropriate lifelong learning and development opportunities to a diverse workforce to empower them to excel in their roles

  • Exercise fair and consistent employment practices

Our Unique Approach

Social Care Policy has developed over the last 30 years. By today Anheddau advocates the Person Centred approaches advanced by the All Wales Strategy and the Social Services and Wellbeing Act (2014) maximising the 5 wellbeing principles of the Act.

Anheddau’s far reaching and varied experience hinges on the personalised, outcome focused support of people with autism, learning disabilities, mental health and other support needs. In addition to drawing upon its internal expertise, co-production is an integral part of ensuring support requirements and outcomes are created, worked towards, maintained and reviewed with and specifically for each supported individual.

The goal is maximum progression and development for the individual. Anheddau facilitate and support individuals to become more able and independent within all aspects of their own lives.