Working for Anheddau

I have no prior experience in social care, is this a barrier?

You don’t necessarily need any qualifications or previous work experience to work for Anheddau. We will train you and help you gain the experience you need. What’s really important is your values and attitude towards working with people who need support. Quite often as we get chatting at interviews, candidates realise that they can draw on examples in their personal lives.

Hear from Mark Pearson, our Core Training Manager, he used to be a baker.

How will I develop and learn?

Every new employee embarks on a learner journey with Anheddau which leads to registration with Social Care Wales. This will help you gain knowledge, skills and qualifications you need.

We have our own training and qualifications department Anheddau Academy. All the trainers and assessors work for Anheddau and have extensive experience in working in the social care sector.

During your probationary period and beyond there will be peer support from your team and of course a supportive line management structure who are keen to support and develop their teams.

Will I make a difference?

Yes. You could work with a variety of support needs for example someone with a physical, a learning disability and or autism. Whoever you work with, you, along with your team have the potential to make a difference to someone’s life. This makes it a very rewarding role, and is often what people enjoy the most about working in social care.

Working in social care means supporting people with their non-clinical needs. Anheddau work in supported housing and has a day centre called Anedd Ni.

Are there opportunities to develop and progress?

Nearly all our managers are home grown. Adult Social Care services are growing and changing all the time which means there are opportunities to develop and progress. It is an exciting time to be joining the workforce.

When you start working you will be induced following the All Wales Induction Framework which then leads on to the Core and Practice Qualifications. These are designed to support you working at different levels within the Organisation.

We appreciate that not everyone wants to develop and progress into management and there are opportunities for everyone to flourish within their teams by taking on different nominated tasks. This adds variety to the role and an opportunity for staff to develop different skills and show leadership within their area of responsibility.

Earning potential

At Anheddau overtime is paid. You are also paid a sleep in allowance on top of your basic salary. Whilst overtime is optional there is an opportunity for you to earn more by working overtime.

When you take annual leave there is an enhanced payment.

Family Friendly and working Flexibly Policies

We appreciate that life is busy and at times challenging.

Everyone has responsibilities at home as well as interests and aspirations which impact on their time.

We will try to help you balance your home and work lives by offering flexible working arrangements that assist you to balance home and work life.

Although we are committed to providing the widest possible range of working patterns we will always take the personal circumstances of staff into account, both management and employees need to be realistic and recognise that the full range of flexible working options will not be appropriate for all jobs across all services as we have to focus around the needs of the individuals we support.

Where possible we accept all requests for flexible working arrangements, we currently have a 100% acceptance rate.

What type of person are you looking for?

You will be helping people to live more independently, and have a better qualify of life.

Here are some of the values and behaviours you might need to work in social care:

  • Treat people with dignity and respect

  • Committed to quality support and improving lives

  • Good at working with others

  • Patience

  • Willing to learn and develop at work.

And this is how these values might look in your daily work:

  • You spend time listening to people and get to know them and their needs

  • You respect individuals right to make their own choices and decisions

  • Your committed to working as part of a team

  • You give people your full attention

As part of the recruitment process we ask you to do the ‘A Question of Care quiz’ this gives you a chance to look at some examples of what a career in social care is like and an opportunity to think about what you would do in different situations. At the end you get a personalised report which you can use during your probationary period to develop your knowledge and skills.


Working in social care is rewarding but we recognise that it can also be challenging. Every employee has a line manager, and there is an on call system.

Team meetings are a great opportunity to discuss issues and share ideas with your team and quite often any solutions are presented by the teams themselves. Each employee sees the Chief Executive at Staff Forum where they can ask any questions, feedback or offer offer suggestions.

As well as this the Corporate Services Team can assist you with and Learning and Development, Health and Safety, Information Technology, navigating our policies and wider support issues you may have.

We have a Gold Corporate Standard on Health Award, the national quality mark for health and wellbeing.

For those times where you feel you may require additional emotional support all Anheddau staff have access to a Confidential Counselling Service via Medra Counselling Services.


In addition to the management and learning and development support, you will receive the following;

  • Occupational Sick Pay Scheme

  • Occupational Maternity and Paternity Scheme

  • Enhanced Holiday Pay

  • Opportunity for overtime

  • Access to Counselling Scheme

  • Access to the Discounts for Carers Scheme

  • Core training and team meetings are paid for as they form part of the working week.

More questions? Contact us and one of the team will be in touch with you for an informal chat.