Anheddau’s first supported living services began on Anglesey over 20 years ago.  This was as a result of moving people out of the traditional institutions and enabling them to have a community presence and assist them to be as independent as possible.

We have 8 Managers and around 75 staff members working  towards developing individuals skills, taking part in community activities and  enabling their dreams and aspirations to be fulfilled.

We have an inclusive approach to the development of our services and our Person Centered approach puts the individual’s wishes at the forefront of our service.

We also support a number of individuals within the community who do not need 24 hour support and may live with their parents or by themselves. We support them for a few hours to attend work opportunities or other activities within the community.

As social care and the needs of local people have changed we now  increasingly support older people in the community. Some of the services we offer are enablement, waking night, shopping, cleaning, sitting service or personal care. Our aim is to support and care for people enabling them to continue living in their own homes.

Our service can be commissioned through the Health Authority, Social Services Department, direct payments or through private contracts.