Mental Health

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Mental Health Support



All staff work as a close team ready and willing to respond to the very diverse needs of each individual they work with. All staff are highly trained and specialise in many areas of mental health as well as working closely with other professionals to ensure the best possible service can be provided. Our services are reviewed on a regular basis and we actively encourage service user involvement and participation in this.


We provide anything from 1 hour of support per week to a full 24 hour service. We believe in “ a can do approach” and “ where theres a problem theres a solution

– Nina Hamilton Area Manager. Nina Hamilton




Mental health has a key approach of “ assisting to achieve” We believe that “a quality service deals with the whole person rather than individual needs in isolation”. Helping service users to do things for themselves where possible and maximising the ability to live life as independently as possible by supporting the service user to achieve physical, emotional and social needs. All staff work hard to ensure the support we provide is based on “openness, transparency, and accountability through respecting personal choice and control of service users life choices”

Service users are at the centre of the planning process as they are best placed to understand their needs and how they wish them to be met. Service users and their support are the focus of the service. The service strives to do its best to adapt to the service user’s goals and capabilities. Goals and outcomes are are an opportunity to learn and regain skills and confidence in a safe environment.

We will work with you to choose the support you feel is best for you, agree with you how we will deliver it and how we will review it to ensure it continues to meet your needs.